Uchumi Karatina

Tel : 0715619567

Team leader:PATRICK N. MBURU

Business hours : 8.00 am - 9.00 pm


Watch out for :

  • Location
    The branch is strategically placed such that as you arrive in Karatina from Nairobi, you will find a sign board 500 m away. After crossing a railway line it only takes you 50m to get to the branch. Similarly as your enter Karatina from Nyeri, you will meet a sign board indicating the branch is 1 km away. Another signboard is also strategically placed 50m to confirm to our esteemed customers that the branch is indeed ahead.
  • Security
    The branch is adequately manned by a minimum of 3 guards, (two at the front, one at the back) during shopping hours.
  • KPLC
    We also take pride from our customers who appreciate paying their electricity bills as they do their shopping at any time.
  • Cash Back Facility
    Customers like this facility as they find it convenient especially in late hours when it is safer for them than going to the ATMS.