Corporate Social Responsibility

Tree planting exercise at Ndaka-ini dam

Uchumi believes in giving back to the community. This belief is so strong that it is highlighted as the company’s seventh Corporate Value. We try and give back as much as possible through numerous initiatives. We have supported and continued to support programmes in the health care, education, environmental and wildlife conservation.

Over the years we have supported and participated in the Standard Chartered, Ndakaini and LEWA marathons and Hell’s Gate wheelbarrow race. We have a long standing partnership with Thomas Barnados Childrens’ home and constantly support KENWA, REDCROSS and TAPWAK fund drives.

Every year, the company allocates percentage of its budget to CSR and ensures that every branch undertakes an activity in its region to share season cheer during Christmas.

Over and above Christmas, Uchumi does undertake other fruitful causes.