Buru Buru Branch

Off Jogoo Rd., Nairobi
Tel :0701496507

Ass. team leader :


Business hours :7.00Am – 9.45Pm

Watch out for :

  • Fresh Milk everyday.
  • Merchandise
    The variety of products within the branch range from foodstuffs, detergents, utensils, beddings, floor coverings, magazines, drinks e.t.c. It is famed for its fresh vegetables and natural greens popularly known as “KIENYENJI” or traditional greens.
  • Bakery
    It has a modern bakery where mouth watering cakes, samosas, bread, chapattis, arrowroots, sweet potatoes, buns, rolls, and a variety of other snacks are prepared and offered at very affordable prices.
  • Parking
    It has a secure and ample parking which is guarded 24/7.